Meet the world's strongest tights—they're literally unbreakable in human hands.

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Shaping Unbreakable Sheer Tights

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Shaping Unbreakable Sheer Tights

Unbreakable Sheer Tights
Unbreakable Sheer Tights

Unbreakable Duo

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Unbreakable Duo
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Polka-Dot Sheer Tights

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Polka-Dot Sheer Tights
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No-Sweat Shortie Sparkly Semi-Opaque Socks Jumbo "Scrappie" Scrunchie Thigh High Ultrasheer Tights High Rise Cheeky Brief

We're unbreakable in human hands.

Our proprietary fiber is 10X stronger than steel, more valuable than silver.

Sheertex: The World's Strongest Tights

Goodbye disposable. Say hello to tights that last.

Every pair comes with a 30 Day Warranty, the only warranty in hosiery.

You can stretch and twist the Sheertex as much as you like and they won't break. You'd have to be the Hulk to tear a hole through these things.
Named One of
TIME's Best
These super pantyhose have been tested and proven to be wearable up to 50 times. Regular brands usually give you two or three wears before you are forced to toss 'em.

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