Our Materials

Meet the Sheertex proprietary knit.

We’re the first and only hosiery brand to be manufacturing their products with a fiber this strong.

Sheertex Sheers are made with our unique proprietary knit, a one-of-a-kind textile blend made with one of the strongest fibers in the world. This fiber is traditionally used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment, so you can imagine how tough it is.

An illustration of two hands pulling firmly on a swatch of fiber.

10x Stronger than Steel

For real. With a tensile strength of 4000-6000 pounds per square inch, our knit is pound for pound 10x stronger than steel.

An illustration of a scale. On one side is a large water droplet, on the other is a pair of legs standing in pantyhose.

Lighter than Water

Tough doesn’t mean heavy. Our knit is ultra lightweight and comfortable, designed for whatever your day throws at you.

An illustration showing a pair of legs standing in pantyhose with six water droplets around it.


Our fiber has an absorption rate of virtually zero. Our sheers will never lose their strength from swelling caused by water absorption.

An illustration showing various bacteria with an “X” over them.

Naturally Antimicrobial

Our sheers have a high bonding resistance, making our knit naturally antimicrobial, odorless, and nontoxic.

An illustration of a hand touching a snowflake

Cool to the Touch

Our fiber has a high level of crystallinity and molecular mass, which gives it excellent temperature conductivity. This quickly transfers heat and gives a cooling effect.

An illustration showing a pair of legs standing in pantyhose with air (represented as squiggles) flowing around them.


Forget about feeling stuffy in your tights—our sheers will keep you comfortable, no matter the conditions.