Katherine Homuth

"Everyone said unbreakable tights would be impossible, but we knew we could make our own luck."


How We Got To Guaranteed Good Luck

January 2017

Tights Were Trash, Until Now

Humans have walked on the moon—so why did tights still break at the first sign of bad luck? Founder Katherine Homuth was fed up with old-fashioned, disposable hosiery, so she set out to make the toughest, luckiest tights in the world.

August 2019
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Sewing Machine

It Took Sheer Grit And The Toughest Materials, But We Did The Impossible

With a lot of hard work and innovation, Katherine and her team created a miracle fiber, a proprietary manufacturing process, and took over the largest hosiery factory in Montreal, Canada, where the entire team is based today.

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We wound up with the strongest knit in the world, and our luck is just beginning

Our Sheertex knit is the foundation of all of our products, and we’re finding more and more ways to create stylish, ultra-durable uses for it.

“Believe the impossible. We did, and that's how we got here. Count on us for products engineered for better odds.”

Katherine Homuth, Founder & CEO

Anti-microbial &


Ethically Made
In Montreal


Made strong by
Sheertex™ Knit Technology


Unbreakable in
human hands


Made for everyone

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Sustainability is woven through our entire business



Throwing away disposable tights, for good

Over 2 billion pairs of pantyhose are thrown away each year. Tights shouldn’t be trash, so we’re replacing them with a strong and long-lasting knit that can be reworn, again and again.


Second Chances

Meet Our Second Chances Collection

We use the extra material from our production process to make new products like masks, headbands, scrunchies, and underwear. This collection is still growing—so stay tuned for more upcycled products to come.

Our Pricing is Bound to Our Quality

Other Costs
Cost of Materials
Department Store
Other Costs
Cost of Materials

We're the first hosiery company to be using fiber this strong to make tights. This fiber is traditionally used for climbing equipment and in other more heavy duty ways, and getting it thin enough for pantyhose doesn't come easy. Our prices reflect the cost of our materials directly
— no scams or crazy markups.

Our Hard-Earned Luck Has Everyone Talking

“You can stretch and twist the Sheertex as much as you like and they won't break. You'd have to be the Hulk to tear a hole through these things.”

Named One of TIME's Best Inventions

“These super pantyhose have been tested and proven to be wearable up to 50 times. Regular brands usually give you two or three wears before you are forced to toss 'em.”

Fly Day Ahead

Meet Our Talented Close-Knit Team

We employ over 150 individuals at our in-house facility in Montreal, Canada. From manufacturing to marketing, finance to fulfilment, we do everything under one roof as a close-knit team. Here are a few of our kick-ass Sheertexers. Don't worry, this section gets updated regularly!

Team member photo
Team member photo
Team member photo
Team member photo