What we care about

Our Values

A committed relationship between you, Sheertex, and the planet.

The pantyhose industry has historically been a purposefully disposable industry, creating enormous waste. Each year, over 2 billion pairs of tights are produced, and because of their intentionally flimsy composition, most of them are sent straight into the landfill after just one use. We believe that this waste is unacceptable, and we set out to make the change we wanted to see in the industry.

We pride ourselves on creating the most durable sheers around -- 10x stronger than the other guys and built to last. Made from super-strong polymer, we created a knit blend able to withstand the elements, while still being lightweight and comfortable. By investing in high-quality products that are designed to last a long time, we’re actively fighting against the disposability of the hosiery industry. We’re also working hard on developing our recycling program, and implementing ethical strategies to reduce waste.

Our commitment to ethical practices also includes ensuring that our employees are paid a fair and living wage. We offer equitable salaries, health benefits, and dedicate ourselves to ensuring that each member of our team has the opportunity to grow, expand their skills, and develop their career with us. We believe that happy people make happy sheers, so we aim to foster a work environment that empowers the people who make our world go ‘round.

We believe that 10 years from now, no one will buy pantyhose that rips. We have developed the technology to create a durable and high-quality product that is kind to the environment, to our employees, and to you, the consumer. We are changing the way the world sees pantyhose, one pair at a time.