February Reading Recommendation: All About Love

February Reading Recommendation: All About Love

Here’s the sitch: We want to hit our New Year's (and just general life) resolutions to keep up with our reading. So, we’ve decided to explore a new book as a team and writing about it on the blog! We just want to read more, and we want to do it in good company (with you!). 

We’ll offer you a profile of our choice below, which includes a summary of the book (Essence) and our reason for choosing it (Motive). Let’s get into it!

Announcing our book recommendation…. 

“All About Love” by bell hooks 

Essence: hooks gets into what “love” really means in all of its forms and contexts. She asks the question “What is love?” and writes the answer from an emotional and academic point of view. The book gives readers a holistic search for the answer to this complicated and important question. 

Motive: We LOVE love. We want everyone to find more love and release fear around love. Basically, we think that understanding more about our love and relationships is one of the most important ways that we can care for ourselves and that this book (and talking about it with friends) offers us a way to do that. As an accidental sidenote, we realized after choosing the book that it is February, which means we’re on theme for Valentine’s Day! 

If you have any suggestions for potential future book selections, please send them over to [email protected] or leave us a comment on our socials!

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