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A Sheer Outlier

What Makes Sheertex Different From Other Tights? You've heard the claims: Sheertex makes the World's Most Resilient Tights. But what exactly makes them a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe?

staff contributor

February 10, 2022


Picture this: You're running late for work. Getting dressed, you pull on a pair of tights and notice there's a hole in the toe. Whatever, no one will see that anyway. You throw on your boots, take one quick look in the mirror and you're out the door. Or so you thought; you look down to realize that your tights ripped after getting snagged in your boot zipper. By the time you finally make it to the office following a hasty outfit change, you're over 30 minutes late. Wonderful.

Now, imagine a world with Sheertex, where that scenario would never happen. But what exactly makes Sheertex tights the most resilient tights in the world?

No More Rips, Runs, Snags, or Tears

Made with one of the strongest polymers known to humankind, Sheertex's patent-pending knit is made to withstand the impossible. You no longer have to reserve tights for special occasions where you'll safely spend most of your time sitting neatly with your legs crossed. Instead, Sheertex is made for real life living. So go on, do your thing - and never worry about rips, runs, snags, or tears in your tights again. Plus, every pair of Sheertex comes with a 30-day no-snag 30-day guarantee.


Soft As Regular Tights, Stronger Than Steel

Wondering what the world's most resilient tights feel like? They're pretty much as comfortable and soft as your regular tights - only way more resilient. As soft as your regular tights but stronger than steel, these sheers are made to last. We promise that you've never had tights like these before.

Made Sustainably And Ethically

It took a lot of sheer grit and determination, but we're proud to have finally created the world's first long-lasting tights. You can now say goodbye to disposable tights that inevitably rip and get sent to the landfill; instead, Sheertex is offering a more sustainable option that has become a wardrobe staple for thousands of happy trendsetters. On top of that, all of our tights are made ethically in our factory in Montreal, Canada.

Inclusive Sizing

With all kinds of different people with all kinds of different bodies in this world, you can bet that we've made a point to be as inclusive as possible. With sizing ranging from XS-3XL, Sheertex tights are designed to fit everybody and every body. Not sure which size you are? Use the size guide below to find out.


A Style For Everyone

Everyone is different, which is why we set out to offer a variety of colors, patterns, and deniers (thickness of fabric) so that we've got something for everyone, no matter your personal style. From timeless classics to patterns to eye-catching colors and everyday nudes, there's a pair of Sheertex for everybody for every occasion.

Sheertex vs. Competitors

You've heard the claims: Sheertex makes the World's Most Resilient Tights. But what exactly makes them a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe? And what is the difference between Sheertex and your regular, run-of-the-mill department store pantyhose? Or the difference between Sheertex's resilient knit and other premium brand tights?

With so many questions to answer, it looks like there's only one thing to do. It's time for a good ol' classic face-off!


What Is Your Favourite Style?

Find your perfect pair now - there's something for everybody and every body.

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Putting Resilience To The Test

Our tights are the most resilient in the world. Made with a polymer 10x stronger than steel, they are designed to stand up to just about anything life can throw at them.

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