Winter Style Guide: Base layers have never looked so good

Winter Style Guide: Base layers have never looked so good

Summer is over and we barely got acquainted! Winter is dreaded not only because of the cold weather but because the opportunities for style and self-expression become more limited under three base layers and a puffer jacket. Dressing up in the cold months becomes more about practicality and avoiding hypothermia than it is about style. But there’s still a way to dress for the weather while pulling a look, we promise.


We’re all familiar with the winter morning routine. You wake up for work and it’s still dark outside. Neither your body or brain are awake enough to execute even an ounce of fashion creativity. Instead of exerting energy when you’re half asleep, opt for a look you can put together in a couple of minutes. An easy everyday look is our Classic Black tights with a dress, a skirt or even some shorts.


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Keeping it classic in an all black fit 🖤

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We personally love a monochrome outfit and we know that black isn’t the only color that one can wear in uniform. Try an all-white outfit with our Glimmer pantyhose in Pearl. The sun might set at 4pm but you can still experience some sparkle in your day with our tights!



It’s cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t show a bit of skin! Try pairing our Classic Thigh Highs with a dress or oversized blouse. 


It’s the holiday season and with the holidays comes various events to go to. Some of us here at team Sheertex take our themed party events capital-S Seriously (!!!) and if you do too, you can have the look of the party with some of our tights! For those who celebrate Christmas, a classic tradition is an ugly Christmas sweater party. This time around, try pairing our Classic Sheers with an oversized sweater. For an even more festive look try our Ugly Holiday tights!



Finding the perfect outfit for formal events can be hard because you don’t want to be over or underdressed. A good way to quell formal fashion anxiety is to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. For your work holiday party try our All That Glitters tights in Raspberry with your favorite black dress. Alternatively, you could pair our Unbreakable Backseam pantyhose with a cute colorful dress and some black heels.



Winter is back and it’s not going to be a short visit. But just because the weather is repetitive, it doesn’t mean that your outfits have to be. Enter the new decade with an arsenal of styling tips and sheers that will last through all the holiday parties you’ve RSVP’d to. We hope we inspired you to execute some looks this winter and we wish you a great holiday season and new year!

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