People in Pantyhose: Loraly

Loraly in front of a brown paneled wall, standing outside in the wintertime, wearing Glimmer Sheers in Pearl, a white dress, white boots, and a taupe jacket

Our Sheertex team members are as strong as our sheers. The Sheertex HQ is brimming with doers and makers from all walks of life, each with something special to share. Welcome to our “People in Pantyhose” features, short interviews with friendly faces from around our company. These profiles will highlight all the talent that supports Sheertex, and the stories of the people who make it all possible. 

Today, we’re getting to know Loraly. Loraly is effortlessly cool, stylish and has a bright future meme-ing full time. She’s a Marketing Coordinator on our social media team, who is also working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. 

As with everyone on our social team, Loraly has a creative side that she absolutely channels in the work she does strategizing, creating, and posting content for multiple social media platforms, from Pinterest to Facebook. Loraly’s flair for her job at Sheertex, and her ability to think up the perfect Instagram caption on the fly isn’t only intuitive, she also has experience in communications and creative endeavours: “I previously worked as an Outreach Coordinator, which gave me the right experience to start on the influencer marketing team here at Sheertex. I also studied studio art at Dawson College, where I got to develop my editing, photography, and visual art. When I moved over to the social media team, those skills became essential to content creation.”

It’s clear that Loraly has an innate, well-practiced creative spirit that she humbly flexes in her social media work at Sheertex. On tapping into her creativity at work, Loraly reflected: “It’s important for me to tap into my creative side. Working on the social team, I spend a lot of time creating and brainstorming content. This is really stimulating and challenging for me creatively.” 

It’s not just the creative aspect of working at Sheertex that appeals to Loraly, it's also our principles. Sheertex operates on some core principles, including strength, self-healing, sustainability, and innovation. Loraly connects to our core principle of strength, telling us: “I’ve managed to get myself to where I am today by having a strong and hard-working mindset. I think that this attitude has helped me overcome any obstacles life has thrown at me. I think this mindset will help me with embodying 'Strong, Successful, and Independent Woman', which has been THE goal for as long as I can remember.”

At Sheertex, each employee truly believes in the product. Although picking favourites can be tough, we all admittedly have a style of sheers that we prefer. Loraly loves the Sparkle Socks: “The Sparkle Socks are an easy way to brighten my outfit, and also my day. I especially love the Midnight colour. Whenever we do a photoshoot I try to use the midnight Sparkle Socks in a couple of shots to add personality. I like them because they bring something fun to socks, which can be boring. You know when you see someone with fun socks and you don’t expect it, and you’re just like, ‘Ooooh. Fun!’ People with fun socks are cool.” 

We asked Loraly to share her final thoughts with us, and they’re so sweet that we’ll let her conclude her own interview: “I think working at Sheertex is a great experience, that I’m genuinely glad to be a part of. It’s so inspiring to be part of a team that does the impossible. Not only do I get to advance my career, but to be a part of a team who are changing the textile industry for the better... what more could you ask for?”

It was a pleasure sitting down with Loraly to learn about how she infuses her past experiences into her role here at Sheertex and how she gets to develop her creative skills everyday on the social team.

Loraly in Classic Sheers, a black skirt and a winter coat, wearing black sunglasses and looking very cool

That’s all for now, folks! Check out our future “People in Pantyhose” features for more insight into our company.

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