Home is Where the Growth Is

Home is Where the Growth Is

We know you might have heard our origin story already, but just in case you haven’t, let us catch you up on our company history so that we can get to reflecting on how things are going in the here-and-now. 

Sheertex (formerly Sheerly Genius) was founded in Bracebridge, Ontario way back in 2017. It began with a year and a half of prototyping and experimentation to find a way to create pantyhose that could make it through the day. And trust us, this was not an easy task. We finally developed a fiber that was derived from the same material used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment. Our knit is the thinnest version of one of the strongest fibers in the world. 

After developing our unique fiber, we began our production in Bracebridge, Ontario and sent out our first pair of sheers in January 2019. The immensely positive response to our product (AKA all of your love) caused us to outgrow our Bracebridge stomping grounds quickly. The opportunity to move into the largest hosiery factory in Canada presented itself, and we knew it was time to let our drive and ambition expand into a larger space. In Bracebridge, we were a 6-person team. Now, just one year since our first order, we have become a team of over 200 at our Montreal headquarters. 

Flash forward to the present. We are in an equally exciting place, but for all new reasons. One of these reasons is our super interactive company structure. An innovative part of our current Sheertex structure is that every function of our business exists under one roof. Our Production, Fulfillment, Marketing, Finance, Web Development, and Customer Engagement teams are just steps away from one another. It’s like we’re one big, happy, 200-person family around a dinner table… you can imagine how noisy it gets in here sometimes. What we’re saying is that there’s constant communication being funneled in all directions. Our engagement team can pass along customer feedback directly to our research and development team to help make products that serve our customers’ needs. As soon as a new product is developed, our marketing team can immediately draft copy and create visuals. It’s a quick, reactive, and stimulating process.

Despite the exponential growth we are experiencing, we have managed to maintain that close-knit feel we held so dearly back when we were a small team of only 6 in Bracebridge. Innovation is foundational to our product, as well as our company ethos. Our constant evolution means we are always flexing our adaptability muscles. This requires trying new things, taking risks, and pushing for excellence at all times. While things can definitely be high energy around here, we’re settling comfortably into our new home and we can’t wait to see how our next chapter unfolds.

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