16 Qs with Jane Hartwick, Product Development

The first edition of the Sheertex Behind the Seams question series. Today we're with Sheertex's Jane Hartwick talking all things product development.



Read the transcript:

Ema: Hey Jane, how are you doing today?

Jane: Great!

Ema: What is your role here at Sheertex?

Jane: I am a product developer.

Ema: How did you start your day today?

Jane: Coffee and an early morning meeting.

Ema: What did you have for breakfast?

Jane: Sandwich and some grapes.

Ema: What are you wearing today?

Jane: Oh, the Glow Sheers in Ruby!

Ema: Can you put them to the test?

Jane: Yeah, totally! Really pull on them.

Ema: Wow, so strong! How many of these are made a day?

Jane: I'm gonna say about 700 pairs. This is what they look like before they going into dyeing. It's our little baby pairs! And then, into dyeing they go. And when they come out they go through dryers here. This is one of the dye bags. And then they come out the other side, and we have happy little pairs that go upstairs - like so.

Ema: Cool! How do they get shipped?

Jane: We send them out into the world from our shipping department. Do you want to see it?

Ema: I do! When did you guys move into this space?

Jane: About a month ago. We’re moving pretty quickly, we haven’t got all the machines up and running. You can see some of them here, that do a crazy amount pantyhose every day - hundreds of dozens - we haven’t quite gotten those up to speed yet, but were going to get there.

We have lots of reno projects around the building as well, because we’re moving as quickly as we can.

Ema: Can you tell me about any secret products that are coming out?

Jane: Yeah! We have some sheers coming out in the very near future that have some very cool patterns on them. I don’t want to say too much!

Ema: What’s happening here?

Jane: Those are all of our bits of new furniture and decor - very exciting - and for the first time ever, we actually have our own photoshoot studio. So lots of things happen there.

Ema: Very cool!

Jane: And then this is our shipping department. So when the products come up here, they get checked one last time on these leg forms, then they get rolled up and put into the bins. As we get orders, we select them piece by piece, put them into these little mailers, and out they go into the world.

Ema: Wow! How many have you shipped today?

Jane: I’d say about 275.

Ema: Where do you guys have lunch?

Jane: Excellent question, over here! So the lunch room was actually the first place that we renovated when we came in, just so we could all have a nice place to sort of commune and blow off steam if needed. And as such, it’s the coolest room in the building right now, but a lot of the rooms are going to look kind of like that when we get them done.

Ema: How many people work here?

Jane: About 44 at this point, which is a lot - because last year around this time there was only 5 of us.

Ema: Where do you guys ship to?

Jane: We ship to the US and in Canada.

Ema: Cool! Do I get a pair?

Jane: Yeah, for sure!

Ema: Amazing, thank you!

Jane: I should probably get back to work.

Ema: Okay, bye!