16 Qs with Katelyn Lloyd, Sewing

Meet Katelyn, who works in our sewing department. If you're curious about how our sheers get pieced together to create the final product, check out the video below.

Ema: Hey Katelyn, how are you today?

Katelyn: I'm doing great!

Ema: What's your role here at Sheertex?

Katelyn: I help move things through sewing production.

Ema: And how long have you worked here?

Katelyn: 6 months.

Ema: Do you live close by?

Katelyn: So close you might as well say I live here.

Ema: How did you start your day today?

Katelyn: With lots of coffee.

Ema: What do the sheers look like before they're sewn?

Katelyn: Well, here's a tube right out of knitting. So, it gets its toes sewn, it gets sewn to another tube, goes through dyeing, and then gets finished.

Ema: Can you tell us anything about the thread?

Katelyn: The fiber that's used to make the pantyhose - we're the only ones that use it! And it's super strong.

Ema: How strong?

Katelyn: 10x stronger than steel.

Ema: How many sewers are on staff?

Katelyn: There's around 15.

Ema: How many sheers do you think will get sewn today?

Katelyn: Around 700.

Ema: Wow! How many per week?

Katelyn: Roughly 4000 or so.

Ema: What's your favourite product?

Katelyn: I really love the Luxe line. 

Ema: Are there any products you're excited to launch?

Katelyn: I'm looking forward to the Unbreakable backseam.

Ema: What did you have for lunch today?

Katelyn: I have no idea yet.

Ema: How do you guys stay organized?

Katelyn: Lots of notes and communication with all the teams.

Ema: What happens after the sheers are sewn?

Katelyn: Everything gets finished and gets QC'ed and then it goes straight back up to shipping. So, I'm going to see if there's some to take up so they can ship it out today. See ya!

Ema: Bye!